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Leak detection technology for fluorescent powder of bag filter

2019-08-05 10:44:55 AM

With the continuous improvement of relevant environmental protection requirements, baghouse dust collectors are widely used in coal-fired power generation, steel smelting, and cement production.   Use in the emissions industry is rapidly expanding. The number of bag dust collectors is increasing, and the size is getting larger.   The number of filter bags used has also increased accordingly, and large dust collectors with thousands or even tens of thousands of filter bags can be found everywhere.


正常 因素导致 的滤袋 However, during the operation of the bag filter, the filter bag was broken due to normal mechanical wear or other abnormal factors .   却给 组维护人员带 来的 大的 困扰 The damage caused great trouble to the crew maintenance personnel . 泄漏 尘不 但会导致 组粉 尘排放 After the filter bag is damaged , the leaked dust will not only cause the unit to emit dust.   同时还会污染 其他 完好 的滤袋, 并且造成引风 叶片 速磨损。 Exceeding the standard will also pollute other intact filter bags and cause accelerated wear of the induced draft fan blades . 使用 These questions will be used   大的 经济 Households face significant economic losses . 准确地 千上万条 密集安装 的滤袋中 寻找 损的滤袋 并将 Quickly and accurately find broken filter bags in thousands of densely installed filter bags and   及时更换变 极为重 要。 Its timely replacement becomes extremely important . 然, 仅靠人眼观察 很难完成如此艰巨 的工 Obviously , it is difficult to accomplish such a difficult task by human eyes alone . 此情形下 In this case ,   单、 经济可靠 荧光粉检漏法以 其高 准确 优点 迅速 被市场 广 为接受 The simple and economical and reliable phosphor leak detection method has been widely accepted by the market due to its high efficiency and accuracy .


然,在 荧光粉检漏 的推广过程中,也 有人抱怨 使用 荧光粉检漏效果 佳之类 Of course , in the promotion process of leak detection of phosphors , people often complain that the leak detection of phosphors is not effective .   声音 The sound . 分析 ,大多是 操作 或使用产 或工 当所致 After analysis , most of them were caused by improper operation or improper use of products or tools . Combined with the author and company   现场检漏 经验与 大家 探讨一下如何 使用 荧光粉对 除尘器滤袋 检漏 After years of experience in on-site leak detection , I will discuss with you how to properly use fluorescent powder to perform leak detection on dust collector filter bags .

1   光粉 ): 古语 先利 先决 Choose the right leak detection tool ( fluorescent powder , fluorescent lamp and filter ): The old saying goes, "If you want to be good at work , you must sharpen it first . " A good leak detection tool is to ensure leak detection. Prerequisites for work quality .

荧光灯及 光镜 检漏 作主 要的工 Fluorescent powder , fluorescent lamps and filters are the main tools for leak detection .


荧光粉: 1.1 Fluorescent powder:

检漏专 荧光粉 具备以下一些特点: The phosphor should be selected for leak detection . It should have the following characteristics:


性: 1.1.1 , sex:   检漏荧光粉一般 是使用 荧光剂 加载 磨、 筛分 等工 生产而 Dedicated leak detection phosphors are generally produced using phosphors through processes such as loading , grinding , and screening . Main

contain   H O C a M g C , H , O , C a , M g   And other elements , non-toxic and harmless to the human body . ( See figure   1 )


合适 包装: 1.1.3 , suitable packaging:


空气 可能会吸潮并造成结块 飘散性会 打折扣从 影响 使用。 Fluorescent powder exposed to air for a long time may absorb moisture and cause agglomeration , and the floating property will be greatly reduced, which will affect the use. 选择密封包装;同时尽可能选择小包装为宜 Therefore, sealed packaging should be selected; at the same time, small packaging is preferred .


1.2   Fluorescent:


1.2.1   Fluorescent lamp wavelength:

一种 Fluorescent light is a   UV   所选择 荧光灯 波长 可有效激 荧光粉 的电 发生 能级跃 当受激 发电 子从 能级跃迁回低能级时会以荧光 1 The wavelength of the selected fluorescent lamp should be able to effectively excite the electrons of the phosphor to undergo energy level transitions . When the excited electrons transition from a high energy level to a low energy level, they will release energy in the form of fluorescence ( 1 ) . 抱怨荧 Some people often complain   明显 有可能 选择 荧光灯波长与所 用的 荧光粉 匹配 荧光灯无法激 荧光 The effect of the light powder is not obvious . It is possible that the wavelength of the fluorescent lamp selected does not match the phosphor used , and the fluorescent lamp cannot excite the fluorescence   Powder glow .


1.2.2   Fluorescent lamp intensity:

情况下 荧光粉被激 还与荧光灯 强度有 要关 ,在 荧光灯功率较低 荧光 Under normal circumstances , the phosphor is excited also has an important relationship with the intensity of the fluorescent lamp.   电量不 足时 荧光灯激 荧光粉 效果有限 无法激 荧光粉 When the lamp battery is low , the effect of fluorescent lamps to stimulate phosphors is limited or unable to excite phosphors . 我们一般 使用 So we generally use   in   38cm   距离 上发 光线强度 The intensity of light emitted at a distance of not less than   10000uW / cm2   荧光灯 这可 证激 荧光粉所 Fluorescent light , which guarantees that the phosphor is excited

足够能 量。 Need enough energy . 荧光灯 可以达 到至 The range of such a fluorescent lamp can reach at least   6-8   对检漏 效率 有裨益 Meters , which will greatly benefit the efficiency of leak detection .


续航时间长: 1.2.3 Long battery life:   检漏 作可能会持续较长时间 所选择 荧光灯 连续 作时间 少一小 Generally, our leak detection work may last for a long time , and the continuous working time of the selected fluorescent lamp is at least a small

这样才 不至于使 检漏 作因为荧光灯 而中断。 In this way , the leak detection will not be interrupted due to insufficient power of the fluorescent lamp . 一般专 业用 荧光灯均 使 Based on this , general professional fluorescent lamps are used   可充 电式电 池作为 Use a rechargeable battery as the power source .


1.3   光镜: Filter:

荧光灯之后 我们还需 要使用滤 光镜 来保 证我们 检漏 作有效进 行。 With fluorescent powder and fluorescent lamps , we also need to use filters to ensure that our leak detection work is performed effectively . One   现场 境复杂 ,工 作面 可能有 大量的 尘或 杂物 它们 荧光灯照射下 反射光 The general leak detection site environment is complex , and there may be a large amount of dust or debris on the working surface.   混淆我们人眼对荧光 断。 It may obscure or confuse our eyes ' judgment of fluorescence . 用的滤 光镜此时可以有效 过滤 掉这些反射光 A special filter can effectively filter out these reflected light at this time ,   留下荧光粉受激 荧光 帮助人眼轻易地 现泄漏点 荧光 Only the excited fluorescence of the phosphor is retained , thereby helping the human eye to easily find the fluorescence of the leak . 是不使用滤 The following is not used filter   Light mirror (as shown   )与 使用滤 光镜(如图 3 ) with the use of filters (as shown   )进 观察 效果对 比。 4 ) Compare the effect of observation .


充分 准备 作: 2. Full preparation :


2.1   用量 Phosphor dosage :

的用量 一般 使用 The amount of phosphor is generally recommended   5   / 平方 G / square . 除尘器除尘滤袋 的过滤 计算出总 荧光粉 用量。 First, the total filtering area of a single dust collector filter bag was calculated to calculate the total phosphor usage. 5   / 平方 的用量是 根据荧光粉 粒径分布特点与飘散性 The dosage of g / square is based on the particle size distribution characteristics and dispersion of the phosphor .   得来的, 用量 可以 证投入 荧光粉能均匀分布满 滤袋 表面 It can be calculated that the amount can ensure that the input phosphor can be evenly distributed on the surface of the filter bag . 证检漏质 量的 Is to ensure the quality of leak detection   的使用量。 Lowest usage.

荧光粉投入点距离 除尘器的 距离较远 ,或在 投入点与 除尘器 之间有较 多的 If the selected phosphor input point is far away from the dust collector , or there is more between the input point and the dust collector

情况下 荧光粉 使用量应 适当 In the case of the elbow structure , the amount of phosphor used should be appropriately increased .


荧光粉喂入点选择: 选择合适 荧光粉投入点 要的, 原则 选择离 除尘器 烟气入口最近 前方烟道 2.2 Selection of phosphor feeding point: It is very important to choose a suitable phosphor feeding point . The principle is to choose the front flue closest to the dust inlet of the dust collector.

Hole on the top . 预留 Pre- spraying ports are generally reserved on the system ( as shown in the figure)   该预 5 ) , the pre- spraying port is generally away from the entrance of the dust collector   3 2 3

尘器 使 用中 的损 Within the range of meters , it is beneficial for the phosphor to enter the dust collector without being blocked , and the loss of the phosphor in use is minimized .

Figure   5

则寻找附近位置 上其他 预留孔 If there is no pre-spray port , look for other reserved holes in nearby locations . 除尘器 前方没有任何预留 除尘器上 游有脱硫设备 则可以考虑从脱硫系统 上的 人孔加入 ,不过 荧光粉 添加 Sometimes there are no reserved holes in front of the dust collector , but there are desulfurization equipment upstream of the dust collector , you can consider adding from the manhole on the desulfurization system , but the addition of fluorescent powder   稍作 The amount should be increased slightly . 某些系统 可能找 不到 如前所述 投料位置 ,万 般无奈之下我们 On some systems , the feeding location as described above may not be found . In desperation, we have also   用除尘器 下端灰斗处 人孔门对 特定仓室进 了成功检漏 The manhole door at the ash hopper at the lower end of the dust collector was successfully used for leak detection in its specific compartment .


2.3   境光线 控制: Control of ambient light during leak detection :

完成投入荧光粉步骤并进入净气室 荧光灯查找漏点时 周围 强度必须进 After completing the step of putting in the phosphor and entering the clean room with a fluorescent lamp to find the leak point , the intensity of the surrounding natural light must be increased.   控制 控制 Line control . 周围光线 检漏效果 In principle , the darker the surrounding light , the better the leak detection effect . 除尘 方有封闭如房间 净气室 If there is a clean room like a room above the dust room

的除尘器 查漏时尽 将维修门 闭;如 揭顶 式的除尘器,应 尽可能 选择黄昏 夜间查漏为宜 此时 会有强烈 光干扰查漏 (Such as the dust collector of the rotary blowing system ) , try to close the maintenance door when checking for leaks ; if it is a roof -type dust collector, it is better to choose leaking at night or at night as possible , at this time there will be no strong Natural light interferes with leak detection .


净气室花板 上的 积灰清扫: 一般需 检漏 的除尘器大多 现泄漏情况 花板 上的 多, 如果灰 尘量过多, 荧光粉投料前先简 花板 上的 尘, 防止 大量的 干扰查漏时 断。 2.4 Cleaning of dust accumulation on the gas plate of the clean room : Most of the dust collectors that need to be leaked have been found to have leaks . There is a lot of dust on the flower plate . If there is too much dust , it is recommended to perform phosphor Before feeding, simply remove the dust on the flower plate to prevent a large amount of dust from interfering with the judgment during the leak detection .


2.5   System preparation:


检漏 作必须 在机 组停 状态下进 行。 2.5.1 Leak detection must be performed when the unit is stopped . 运行中的机 组烟气 大量 尘, 如果此 Because there is a large amount of dust in the flue gas of the running unit , if this   ,大量的 可能将荧光粉覆盖 造成检漏结果 的不 准确 Phosphor is added at the time , a large amount of dust may cover the phosphor , causing inaccurate leak detection results .


2.5.2   机应 时起停 的正常 状态 The induced draft fan should be in a normal state that can be started and stopped at any time . 荧光粉投料之前 必须先打开引风 机运行, 引风 机工 负压将荧光粉送入 Before the phosphor is charged , the induced draft fan must be turned on and run, and the negative pressure provided by the induced draft fan is used to send the phosphor into

当荧光粉投料结束之后 引风 必须 1 分钟内停止 运行。 Dust collector ; when the phosphor powder feeding is over , the induced draft fan must stop running within 1 minute . Because the wind is too long   可能会将泄漏出 荧光粉 Running, may leak out the phosphor . 能否根据指令 至关 要。 So it is very important for the induced draft fan to work according to the instructions .


除尘器 喷吹系统必须 2.5.3 The dust collector blowing system must be closed .   不关 泄漏点附近 荧光粉被喷吹出 空气 If the blowing system is not closed , the air near the leak point is blown out by the air

气流吹散 直接造成查漏时 误判 The turbulence caused by the airflow is scattered , which directly causes misjudgment during leak detection .


2.5.4   除尘 进出口阀必须全部打开 The inlet and outlet valves of each dust collector of the dust collector must be fully opened .

能够 仓室 In order to ensure that the phosphor can enter all the compartments and cover all the filter bags during the leak detection process , the gas in all the compartments must be guaranteed .

,不 留死角 The road is unobstructed , leaving no dead ends . 整个 除尘器的 所有 滤袋 都会被检查 到。 In this way , all filter bags of the entire dust collector will be inspected .


2.5.5   旁通门及检修孔必须 闭密封 The bypass door and manhole of the dust collector must be closed and sealed . 密封可以有效 证荧光粉 会绕 除尘器 直接被从烟囱 出; 闭检修孔 可有效防止荧光粉 意外流失 The sealing of the bypass door can effectively ensure that the phosphor does not bypass the dust collector and is directly discharged from the chimney ; closing the access hole can also effectively prevent the accidental loss of the phosphor .


2.5.6   准备 作: Other preparations :

滤袋 先准 分布 The purpose of leak detection is to find out the individual leaked filter bag , so we must prepare a filter bag distribution map of the dust collector in advance to

时标记;另外 还必须准备记号笔 标贴以便 做标记 They can be marked at any time ; in addition , a marker or decal must be prepared to mark the damaged point .


遵循规范 操作 序: 3. Follow the standard operating procedures :


3.1   The overall process of phosphor leak detection :


引风机 3.2 Induced draft fan

打开 运行 ,应使其 开度达 到正常运行的 After the induced draft fan is opened and operated , its opening degree should reach the normal operation.   左右 并通 人手感知确信 60-80% , and be confident through human perception

负压能确 荧光粉可以被 迅速 带入为宜; The negative pressure at this time can ensure that the phosphor can be brought in quickly ;


3.3   Phosphor powder feeding:

特殊 设备 ,不过 投料时间 宜太久 只需 要正常 将荧光 No special equipment is needed when adding phosphor from the feed inlet , but the feeding time should not be too long , only the fluorescent   Pour the powder into the feeding mouth; generally   50   荧光粉控制 Kilograms of phosphor   2-3   100 Minutes or so; 100   控制 Kg gain control   分钟 左右 时间 About 5 minutes .

打开荧光粉包装前 ,应 适当 摇晃以 持荧光粉均匀 Before opening the phosphor package , shake it properly to keep the phosphor uniform .


3.4   机关 闭时间: Induced fan closing time:

要求, 荧光粉添加完成后 必须 要求 引风 机在 Standard operation requires that after the phosphor is added , the induced fan must be   45-60   时间内停 机。 Downtime in seconds .


3.5   Enter the clean room to check for leaks:

引风 停止 运行 可立即打开净气室展开查漏 After the induced draft fan stops running , the clean room can be opened immediately for leak detection . 进入净气室 But it must be noted that people entering the clean room   过多, 除尘 室最 两人 ,大除尘 室最 多不 4 人;前期参与添加荧光粉 人员 It is not advisable to have too many employees . There are a maximum of two people in the small dust room and a maximum of four people in the large dust room .   进入参与查漏 以免身 粘附 荧光粉带入;查漏人员 在除尘 中的动 作必须尽可能 Have to enter to participate in leak detection work , so as not to bring in the fluorescent powder adhered to the body ; the actions of the leak detection personnel in the dust removal room must be as far as possible   以免 过大 来的 室内扰流对查漏 影响 Gently , to avoid the effect of indoor turbulence caused by excessive movement on leak detection .


3.6   Leak detection with fluorescent lamps:

3.6.1   荧光灯 具有足够 强度; The fluorescent lamp used should have sufficient intensity;


3.6.2   开始查漏前 先佩戴好 光镜; At the same time , you should wear a filter before starting leak detection ;


3.6.3   开始查漏时可先 荧光灯慢慢扫射 除尘 室内 所有位置包括花板 、滤袋,在发 现有 荧光粉分布 仔细检查区 的滤袋 口与内部 现荧光粉则该 滤袋 已破 ;如 When you start to check for leaks, you can first use fluorescent lights to slowly sweep all positions in the dust collection room , including flower plates and filter bags. In the area where fluorescent powder is found , carefully check the mouth and interior of the filter bag . The filter bag is broken ;   滤袋 口周围花板 有荧光粉 则必须检查 口与花板孔见 否有泄漏点 There is no phosphor powder , but there is phosphor powder on the flower plate around the filter bag mouth , you must check the bag mouth and flower plate holes for leakage points .


3.6.4   室内某些没有 滤袋的 位置 可能出现荧光粉 请注意检查该处金属部件 否同 Phosphors may also appear in some places without a filter bag in the dust extraction room . Please check whether the metal parts are the same

漏点 There are missing points .


3.6.5   漏点处 标记并 在滤袋 分布图 上用不 同标记标明 All leaks found should be marked and marked with different marks on the distribution map of the filter bag . Next to the leak point

Processing will proceed accordingly .


其他 注意事项: 4. Other matters needing attention:

4.1   泄漏点必须被及时整改与处理 All leak points detected must be rectified and disposed of in a timely manner .

不是 的而是过程, 检漏 的是 为整改 供依据 Leak detection is not a goal but a process. The purpose of leak detection is to provide a basis for rectification . 只有检漏出 漏点 Therefore , only the leak points detected

,使除尘器 恢复 正常的 状态 才能真 正体 现出检漏 价值 Being rectified and processed to return the dust collector to its normal state can it truly reflect the value of leak detection .


4.2   Leak detectors pay attention to personal protection .

检漏荧光粉 无毒 的, 但毕竟 尘,应 加强劳 动保 护以尽可能避免可能对人 Although professional leak detection phosphors are non-toxic , they are dust after all , and labor protection should be strengthened to avoid as much as possible

来的 伤害 Physical damage . 操作人员还 加强安全意识以避免 在工 作面 的其他 意外事故 发生。 At the same time , operators should also strengthen safety awareness to avoid other accidents on the working surface .


如果客户既 荧光粉检漏 预喷涂 4.3 If the customer wants to perform both phosphor leak detection and pre-spraying . 应在 检漏 作完成且泄漏点 The pre-spraying should be completed at the leak detection   行。 After being rectified . 滤袋上的 泄漏点 ,使得 检漏点 能被完全找出 Because the pre-sprayed powder may block the leak points on some filter bags, the leak detection points cannot be completely found .   ,万 现漏点进 整改 ,也 会破坏预先喷涂 石灰粉层 At the same time , if a leak is found for rectification , the lime powder layer sprayed up will be damaged .